SK&A Passes 18th Consecutive BPA Audit

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SK&A Passes 18 th Consecutive BPA Audit

BPA Worldwide Confirms Accuracy of SK&A’s Database of Healthcare Professionals  

IRVINE, CA – May 12, 2014 – SK&A, a leading provider of healthcare information solutions and research, today announced the successful audit of its three principal healthcare databases by BPA Worldwide. This is the 18 th consecutive year SK&A databases have been audited by BPA.

The BPA audit confirms SK&A’s claim of 1.6 million contact records in the databases, with accurate mailing addresses, contact names, site names, job titles and more. So accurate, in fact, that there was 100% accuracy of mailing address deliverability. Based on a test mailing administered by BPA Worldwide, no mailed pieces were returned.

“SK&A is steadfast in the ongoing pursuit of excellence so buyers can have complete assurance of reliable, unequaled data through their ongoing investment,” commented Dave Escalante, Senior Vice President of OneKey and Marketing. “This 18 th successful audit which has validated 100-percent deliverability is a testament to that commitment. SK&A employs this 3 rd party evaluation annually to ensure our data quality and accuracy.”

The Group Medical Practice database was verified to have 1,297,816 office-based physicians, nurses, business managers and other key c-level decision makers. These contacts can be targeted by practice specialty, geography, office size, patient volume, hospital affiliation, Integrated Health System and/or Accountable Care Organization employment, physician prescribing volume and much more. The Hospital database is comprised of 216,007 decision makers and healthcare professionals working within them, selectable by job title, hospital type, bed size and geography. The Pharmacy database offers 163,386 pharmacists, staff and managerial contacts at retail chains, independent and institutional sites.

SK&A’s healthcare databases support multi-channel marketing for continuing medical education, recruitment, direct marketing, information technology, medical devices, managed healthcare, advertising, market research, insurance, online directories, publishing and much more. SK&A’s databases are continuously telephone-verified and updated by 110 Research Associates every business day.

BPA Worldwide is the global industry resource for verified audience data and media knowledge. BPA delivers consumer and business media audits of unsurpassed rigor, objectivity, accuracy and transparency – audits that provide solid assurance for both media owners and media buyers. SK&A adheres to the strict standards set forth by the BPA . The 2014 healthcare data audit was conducted through SK&A’s Irvine, California-based Research Center,


Editor’s note : For copies of the three database audits, please contact SK&A Senior Director of Marketing, Jack Schember, at 800-752-5478.  

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