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White Papers for Insurance Technology and Administration Software

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Growth Speed Agility and Profitability ... Oh My!
by Innovation Group
The past two years have shaken the historical assumptions underpinning insurance and business models. The "Great Recession" has exposed underlying issues within the P&C insurance industry which are contributing to a lack of underwriting profitability which has proliferated in the industry for over 25...

5 Ways to Identify a True Subject Matter Expert
by Shaw Systems Associates, Inc.
Subject matter experts (SMEs) should have special, in-depth knowledge from both a business and IT perspective that when shared with others, significantly enhances performance within the organization. They should bring real-world examples, best practices, and tricks of the trade that will positively...

2010 P&C Insurance Technology Survey
by StoneRiver, Inc.
Regardless of the economy and market, carriers still havethe same challenges and face the need to enhance serviceand manage expenses while delivering value. That valueincludes delivering the right technology to meet businessneeds while containing costs. In May 2010, StoneRiversurveyed IT...

Making Strategic and Wise Investments for Policy Administration & Other Systems
By Deborah Smallwood, principal with the consultancy Strategy Meets Action (SMA). This research paper covers SMA's framework for the breadth of technology functions that an insurance company needs and how today's technology enables a range of options from one-vendor-for-each-function approaches to...

CSAA Insurance Group: A Core Replacement Odyssey - A CEB TowerGroup Case Study
by EIS Group
CSAA Insurance Group: A Core Replacement OdysseyThis CEB TowerGroup Case Study outlines the full life cycle of the policy administration replacement project at CSAA Insurance Group, which provides AAA-branded personal lines insurance to more than 17 million AAA members in 23 states. Find out...

Property & Casualty: Segmenting the Market for Competitive Advantage
by MajescoMastek
In a regionalized Property and Casualty marketplace, at a time of economic uncertainty, cost containment has become the primary focus of many organizations. ...

Business Intelligence: Solving Smart Grid Data Management Challenges
by Teradata Corporation
Look behind the scenes of Smart Grid deployments and technologies and you’ll discover a common challenge and opportunity to them. There’s new data, and lots of it. From real-time, granular weather analysis and forecasting for wind and solar power generation models to individual home energy consumption...

Opportunity Cost of Retaining Legacy Systems
by Delphi Technology, Inc.
Opportunity Cost -- The "cost" of selecting one alternative is the benefit foregone from the next best alternative. While the insurance industry was a leader in adopting technology in the early days of software, it has fallen behind in maintaining the lead. The percentage of companies still using...

Free your Forms from Paper - FOREVER!
by Integrated Document Technologies, Inc. (IDT)
The swan song of paper‐based business workflows has beenreplayed over the last 20+ years. Innovators continue to work on ways to close the digital divide that exists between central IT and the edges of the enterprise where paper forms capture stubbornly prevails. Emerging technologies such as EDI,...

How XML Helps Improve Supplier Efficiency
by CovalentWorks
XML helps improve supplier efficiency by enabling electronic document exchanges with customers, providing a technology friendly interface with suppliers’ in-house systems, and increasing reliability....